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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Matts card 9/23/2012

O.K.   I like this one better.  Have to exchange the little gold stars for ones that don't glitter before I send it but it will be the same size stars and etc. The big star does't have any glitter so I think it will be o.k.   Oh for a stamp store or a Michales or Joann's  LOL   

Saturday, September 22, 2012

OWH Another Card for Matt in Afghanistan :)

O.K. I am done for a while, If I can find a place
that at least has some sort of punch or embellishment
I will be so happy LOL

OWH Card for my Grandson Matt in Afghanistan ~1~

 Can you tell I am running out of embellishments,
I better find a Michael's or Joann's on this trip 
somewhere or a stamp store LOL.  I found some punches
in an cellophane bag that I had punched holes into
something and a couple of embellishments in an envelope
This isn't the greatest card but he will know I am
thinking of him ;)

House Mouse

Enjoying a few days with no meetings and just recooping :)
Some sweetie sent me this image and I saw it and had to do
something with it.  As you know I don't have many supplies 
with me other than what I "snuck" in my suitcase LOL. The background this card is a royal purple, you can't tell 
because the lighting in this house is so bad.  And of course
I had to have butterflies.  Anyway, I hope to get made but
this one is hitting the mail on Monday to a Teacher in 
N.M.  (that is all I am going to say LOL

Sunday, September 16, 2012

For another member of my stamping list, Patty.
Again, I didn't have much with me but found this image to color and had to add a house mouse to make it "legal" LOL  I will be glad when we get settled and I can have a stamp room again.  

Card for Peggie on my House Mouse List

I am so proud of you Peggie :)
I am traveling so I don't have many stamping supplies with me but I was able to find this much. And no it isn't a House Mouse Card but they didn't have one with a mouse on the scales. Sorry  Hugs, Cathy