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Cathy (Mercieschild)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kai's Snow Day

This is a card I made from Mo's image. I love this one, I will be making the

sister one next so keep a watch out , it is in the works hugs Cathy


  1. ok, now i got it, Cathy, you luv SNOW!! ... probably not, but maybe Snow flakes.lol! ;-) what a cute card! by the way, i luv your Clock on this blog ;-)

  2. OH the little snow baby is just darling. Mo's images are so fun to color.

  3. Such an adorable card, brings to mind memories of pretending I was an Eskimo in the deep arctic many years ago. Thanks for the memories!

  4. Cathy this is so pretty - I love it. You asked me a question about one of my cards. I don't think I answered you. Would you please send me your e-mail address!