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Cathy (Mercieschild)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Card for my Sister #1

I made this card for my sister, I have been neglecting her by not sending her cards since we moved to Arizona, I hope this one and the one below will make up for it. Well, I sure hope so anyway. The inside says, " I'm Keeping My Eyes on You!" We have always watched out for each other and since I am the youngest, it is my turn to watch out after her. At least I think so LOL
I had a hard time with this card, it just didn't seems to fit together. Oh well, she will love it just because it came from me :)


  1. this card is so cool looking, Cathy! Great coloring too. I'm sure she will luv it, as you said, it came from you! :-)

  2. Cathy, these are all adorable. I'm posting here 'cuz this is my very fave. I think it fits perfectly - I love 'em all.
    Sue S.

  3. Your sissy will love this. Great layout...love that wonderful starburst you used too!