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Cathy (Mercieschild)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Card for my Grandson Matt in Afghanistan

My Youngest Grandson Matt has just arrived in Afghanistan.  This is the first
card I am sending him.  I hope to send him one a week.  He is so awesome and
we are so proud of  him.  


  1. Great card Cathy. A touch of home will certainly keep up his spirits!

  2. Hi Cathy! This is Gina Marie from FaceBook... I think we both posted on a wall together a few weeks ago.. maybe MelJen's? Ah, well, lovely first card for your grandson! I know it will keep his spirits up! {{Hugs}} to you!! ~Gina

  3. How proud you must be having your grandson represent not only your family, the the entire USA. Best wishes on continuing your weekly support for your grandson. I'm certain when he shows off your cards it will not only brighten up his day, but the others with whom he shares. Margaret

  4. I'm certain your wonderful patriotic card will not only brighten Matt's day, but others with whom he will surely share. You must be so proud that Matt not only represents your family, but the entire USA. Please pass along our thanks for his service to our country. Margaret

  5. What a beautiful card, I love the stamp! You did such an awesome job doing a masculin card, my biggest challenge..... Your Grandson is so handsome and how honorable for him to be serving our country, send him our love, you must be super proud. Tomorrow morning I am doing a post about sending cards to our soldiers to give to their children or a child at shcool for I have learned they love to do that! I have made a card and joined the cause. I hope to see you there! You are welcome for the digital... If you give me your email I will send you a real cute one, just because.
    Creative Bug On The Loose

  6. Cathy what a treasure of a card for your grandson. He is doing such an honorable thing and I thank him for that. I know you are very proud! Thank you for stopping by and commenting today. Have a wonderful week. Hugs <3 -Kim

  7. Your grandson will LOVE his card from his Grandmother! GOD BLESS YOUR GRANDSON & HIS BUDDIES as they server our country! I'll be praying for him! (Found you through Free Digi Stamps-Pamela's site!) :)