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Monday, December 24, 2012

CHRISTmas Blessings to Each and Everyone of you

This is a hard time ofyear for me being away from my family and friends but the joy if knowing my Savior left all the glory of heaven and the adoration of all the angels and all of heaven to be born a man, giving up His place as Kingof Kings and Lord of Lords to come here so He could die for you and me is beyond my comprehension. Could you or I do it, I think not, but HIS love is beyond anything we will ever understand. You and I are loved passionately by this King of Kings, Lord of all, the creator of everything. How can we ever say thank you enough. His Name is Holy, He is Holy and He deserves all praise, adoration and glory. Thank you my Lord. May we all honor this day what YOU and You alone have done for us, that no one else could have done.

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